Port Forwarding for the Actiontec MI-424-WR



To setup port forwarding on this router your computer needs to have a static ip address. Take a look at our Static IP Address guide to setup a static ip address. When you are finished setting up a static ip address, please come back to this page and enter the ip address you setup in the Static IP Address box below.

Do not skip this step!

Open a web browser like internet explorer or Netscape. Enter the ip address of your router in the address bar of your browser. In the picture above the address bar has http://www.google.com in it. Just replace all of that with the ip address of your router. By default the ip address should be set to

You should see a box prompting you for your username and password. Enter your username and password now. By default the username is admin, and the password is password. Click the Ok button to log in to your router.

Click the Security button near the top of the page.

Click the Port Forwarding link near the left hand side of the page.

Click the Add link.

Click the Add Server Ports link.

Protocol Exclude
Source Ports: Exclude
Destination Ports: - Exclude

Eyemax requires you to forward the TCP(9091-9115) ports. Go ahead and enter the settings shown above into the Edit Service menu and then click Add.

Click the Ok button. Select Specify Address from the Networked Computer/Device list. Enter the ip address to forward these ports to into the Networked Computer/Device box. If you are forwarding ports so you can run a program on your computer, you should enter your computer's ip address into that box. Leave Wan Connection Type set to All Broadband Devices. Leave Forward Port To set to Same as Incoming Port. Leave When should this rule occur set to Always. Click the Ok button.

And that is it! You are done!