Setting up a static ip for windows

If you have a printer, before you begin print out this page!
Step 1:
Open up the start menu, and click Run. You should now see the following window.


Step 2:
cmd in the Open: box, and click Okay. The will bring up a black command prompt window.


Step 3:
The command prompt may look different on your screen, but it doesn't really matter. Type
ipconfig /all in that window, and then press the enter key. This will display a lot of information. If it scrolls off the top you may need to enlarge the window.


Step 4:
I want you to write down some of the information in this window. Take down the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DNS Servers.

IPv4 Address=_________________________

Subnet Mask= _______________________

Default Gateway= _____________________

DNS Servers= ________________________

We are going to use this information in step #11.

Type exit in this window, then press the enter key to close it.

Step 5:
Once again open the start menu. This time click Control Panel.

Step 6:
Double click Network and Sharing Center.

Step 7:
Single click Manage Network Connections on the left side of your screen.


Step 8:

Then  RIGHT CLICK properties.



Step 9:
Click the properties button to open up the properties window of this internet connection.


Step 10:
Click Internet Protocol(TCP/IPv4) and then the Properties button. You will now see the following screen, but with blank boxes.


Step 11:
You should see a dot in the
Obtain an IP address automatically box. If you do not, your connection is already setup for a static ip. Just close all these windows and you are done.

Click the Use the following IP address box

Type in your ip address into the IP Address box. The ip address is the one listed in step #3.

Put the subnet mask we previously found in the subnet mask section of step #3

The default gateway found in step #3 should go into the Default gateway box.

Click the Use the following DNS servers box

Enter the dns servers we previously found in step #3 into the two DNS Server boxes.

Click OK

If you find that you can not pull up webpages, the problem is most likely the dns numbers you entered. to resolve this, just enter the default gateway number into the DNS box.

That's it you should be done! If you can't connect to the internet go back and change your configuration back to what it originally was.